CallMe Conferencing


Your next group call just got a whole lot easier with CallME Conferencing™.

CallME Conferencing is an exciting new feature for Vonage customers that’s available as a beta on the Vonage Extensions app (for iOS 8.0 and above). The app allows you to schedule group calls with friends and family and toggle your phone number to instantly become a conference number during the call.

Simply schedule a group call, add participants from your address book, and at the time of the call, attendees only have to call your Vonage number. It’s that easy! It can also be a great alternative to conference calls, which require special numbers and long participant codes.

If someone else calls you at time of the group call, CallME Conferencing™ will send them to voicemail. Once the group call has ended at scheduled time, your number will be handled like a regular incoming call.

We would like you to try our CallME Conferencing feature and tell us what you think. Here’s how:

  1. After you download the beta version of the Extensions App, you can find CallMe Conferencing in the ‘More’ tab within the app.
  2. After pressing on “CallME Conferencing”, please click on ‘Add’. Then, set the name of group call, the participants and select duration and start time of the call. Press ‘Save’ when finished.
  3. When the call is set to start, press ‘join’ and start your call. Your participants will only have to call your Vonage number to be joined in as well.

For more information, or to be a part of the beta, send us an email at