The Hackathon has come to an end, see you next time.


3/7/16 12:18: WE ARE LIVE!

It took the PlayStore some time to process the submission, but it is now available for download! check it out!

3/7/16 09:53: It's a wrap!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and our developers can finally take a break, lean back and appreciate their accomplishments. At the end of the grueling, caffeine-packed 24 hours marathon, they finished what they came to do and delivered ListYT - a collaborative playlists app, helping users to share their favorite video clips and discover great new ones.

35 developers from Israel, Holmdel and Atlanta have released - with 7 minutes to spare - an Android client supported by a backend server. The client can be downloaded from Google Play here. On top of that achievement, the teams also delivered 2 demo clients: iOS and web. If you do want a taste of these two apps, contact innovation@vonage.com and we'll send you instructions on how to setup the apps.

Thank you for following our hackathon! We're looking forward to the next great innovation event!

3/7/16 05:56: Good morning – it’s morning again!


3/7/16 3:15: A glimpse – Guy demonstrates the Android App

3/7/16 2:20: Life Signs – Team is starting to see response from the apps

3/7/16 1:24: Still going strong - 8.5 hours to go and teams are not giving up. Occasional warm up sessions to the rescue!

3/6/16 16:30: There's always time for more sugar - the team is replenishing their sugar level with delicious waffles and whipped cream

3/6/16 13:24: Lunch time!

3/6/16 11:01: The teams have settled into their places, and have started coding.

3/3/16 18:15: The team is really excited about the hackathon,
We are going to be here for 24 hours straight, so we would like to have some short breaks from the madness.

So we've found just the thing for that: A mortal combat tournament that will include all hackathon participants.

We'll have an elimination tourney and the winner will get a cool prize. We used the game room's glass wall to handle the tournament table.

Check it out:




3/7/16 4:30: A glimpse II – Natan demonstrates the iPhone App

3/7/16 3:00: Dub step – taking programming to the next level

3/6/16 22:30: Hard at work - Our relentless developers are working hard to meet the deadline tomorrow morning

3/6/16 14:30: Mortal Hack! The team is taking a mental break from the hacking and flex their virtual muscles on Mortal Combat

3/6/16 12:51: Almost 3 hours in and we are starting to see designs and some working features check out the website.


3/6/16 10:00: The hackathon has begun!
The teams had a decent breakfast, have divided the work between them and have now set off to start coding, designing and making the magic come to life.

2/17/16 10:00: Last Sunday, the team had an off-site hackathon preparation session.
We focused mainly on team building and integration, so we built a really
cool Rube Goldberg machine, check out the result above or in this link.


3/2/16 11:29: With a little under 4 days left for the hackathon and we finally have a name for the app.
We were looking for something catchy, that grasps the meaning of the app, and has an available domain name.
The result: Listyt.

2/25/16 11:14: Everyone is extremely excited and tension is rising.
The back end team has tested various deployment technologies,The client teams are designing wire-frames, and there are rumors that some graphics have already been prepared.

2/10/16 15:20: The team in Israel welcomes the special guests that will be joining us for the hackathon from Atlanta and Holmdel.
Andrew, Baoxiang and Jaya, we are looking forward to having you here!