Hackathon – Release

Vonage Hackathon 2016 – March 6th, 2016



The Mission: To Design, Develop, Test, and Release an social sharing music app

The Players: 35 Vonage employees from Israel, Holmdel, and Atlanta

The Challenge: Stopwatch set to exactly 24 hours

The Result: Introducing ListYT – a collaborative playlists app, helping users to share their favorite video clips and discover great new ones.



Starting early on Sunday morning, a group of valiant and tenacious Vonage employees – 35 in all – set out to accomplish the impossible! Leaving behind convention and cutting through all shackles, they sought to create an app – from start to finish – in just 24 hours.

They were told it couldn’t be done

But forging on, all through the day and all through the night, the team persevered and – with 7 minutes to spare – released a cool music sharing app.

Introducing: ListYT


Set the tone, pick the new cool stuff on YouTube, lead the trends for viral videoclips!
ListYT is a collaborative playlists app, helping you and your friends to share your favorite video clips and discover great new ones. We call this video playlist – ListYT. It so simplistYT!

ListYT is completely free. No signup, upgrade or subscription fees. Just signup with your Facebook account, invite your friends and start your very own ListYT. Each friend can search for and add their favorite video clips to a shared ListYT. To make things even more fun, there’s a chat room for each ListYT where discussions can take place.


We hope you love ListYT as much as we do. Happy listTY-ing!


  • Create playlists
  • Invite friends to hear and contribute to playlists
  • Search YouTube for songs and movies
  • Add YouTube items to playlists you’re on

Want to know what happened during those 24 hours? Take a look here