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Translate Your Calls


Vonage believes that communication is a way to bring people closer together, and we are pushing the boundaries of technology in order to accomplish that. One of the biggest barriers in communication is the fact that different people speak different languages. Imagine if anyone, anywhere, could speak naturally into one side of a phone call, and any person on the other side could understand them!

Vonage has done exactly that!

With Vonage Interpreter it is as if you have a real live translator sitting on your call. Each person speaks and hears the language they feel comfortable with.

The service works as follows: a user chooses his native language and that of the party on the other side of the call. The Vonage Interpreter listens to each side, waiting for a break in the speech (say, the end of a sentence, or paragraph). Interpreter will then repeat the paragraph in translation.

So, for example, a chef from NY might use Interpreter when calling his French crepe supplier in Paris. The American chef might say into the phone:

“I would like to order two boxes of crepes. Make sure that they are not broken.”

After a brief pause, Interpreter will read back (for both parties to hear):

“Je voudrais commander deux boîtes de crêpes. Assurez-vous qu’ils ne sont pas cassé.”

The supplier might answer in French:

“Ne vous inquiétez pas. Je vais les envoyer par la poste de demain et vous les aurai dans la semaine.”

And Interpreter will say:

“Do not worry. I will send them out by mail tomorrow and you will have them within the week.”
Vonage Interpreter will bring the world even closer together, removing barriers of language – allowing companies to conduct business more efficiently and people to communicate more easily.



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