Selective Call Block

Selective Call Block

Control Your Privacy

call_blockVonage is proud to have participated in a recent FCC workshop focused on RoboCall blocking and Caller ID spoofing. The full video of the workshop can be found here.

RoboCalling, telephone based phishing and other scams, and general phone call spam is the single largest topic of complaint to the FCC, FTC, and other regulatory and advocate groups. Over 350,000 complaints a month are lodged. Furthermore, the damage caused by unscrupulous phone solicitors is in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year, often targeting vulnerable and less tech-savvy segments of the population including the elderly.

Vonage is committed to helping stop this malicious and intrusive activity, and is working actively on this in a number of ways.

Vonage users can benefit from increased protection using 3rd party services that take advantage features available via their Vonage lines, such as Nomorobo.

Vonage continues its cutting-edge research into this area, working with the regulatory bodies, standards organizations, and other industry leaders in order to ensure that users will benefit from secure communication.

Baruch Sterman from Vonage discusses the dangers of using social media and data mining to determine caller access or denial.